Prediction models for disease and COVID19?

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Prediction models for disease and COVID19?

Post by Mark »

I was thinking about the spread of COVID19 which had a devastating effect on my country.

Is there some public data tgat could be used to building prediction models of covid and disease spreading? I am sure some people did something already but would like to get your advices...

What technique to use? Linear regression? SVM?
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Re: Prediction models for disease and COVID19?

Post by Gerald »

If you want to analyze COVID-19 data, you could use the data in the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the World Health Organization.
You could analyze the raw numbers by themselves or in relation to other key economic and population statistics. For example, to see how the total deaths are affected by population. In terms of machine learning for COVID-19, you could also try to predict future cases, deaths, or economic losses using regression techniques. For example, you could try to predict when the disease will peak.
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