What's artificial intelligence can't do?

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What's artificial intelligence can't do?

Post by gmc »

I have recently read a news article about what artificial intelligence can't do (the source is : www DOT analyticsinsight.net/things-that-humans-can-do-but-artificial-intelligence-cant/)

It includes:
- Answer puzzled question
- Make moral decision
- have the will to invent something
- write software

Is that all ? I think this list is quite short.

What else does an Artificial Intelligence software cannot do?
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Re: What's artificial intelligence can't do?

Post by Mark »

I think the big problem with artificial intelligence is lack of creativity.
It is good to find hidden statistical patterns in data and extract them. But that is all it can do.
To have creativity would be more complicated.

Besides, AI cannot transfer knowledge easily from different tasks and lack common sense in many situations.
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