Episode and sequential patterns

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Episode and sequential patterns

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What is the difference between episode mining and sequential pattern mining?

I read some paper that said episode mining is an extension of sequential pattern mining. But after looking at their papers, I am still not sure if they are the same.

I would like to know what is the use of sequential pattern mining? or episode mining?
I have come up with some scenario like this: let's say that a patient visited a doctor more than once within two days, does that need to use episode mining? Or can I achieve this result with sequential pattern mining (or frequent pattern mining)?
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Re: Episode and sequential patterns

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Episode mining and sequential pattern mining are both data mining techniques used to uncover patterns in a sequence of events.

The main difference between them is that episode mining seeks to identify patterns that occur in a single sequence, while sequential pattern mining looks for patterns that occur across multiple sequences.

Another difference is that episode mining typically uses a fixed-length window, while sequential pattern mining can use a variable-length window.

Also, episode mining tends to be used for analyzing temporal data, while sequential pattern mining is most often used for analyzing transactional data.
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